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Hsien-Ming Liao

Senior Instructor

Hsien Ming, a native of Taiwan, is a professional aerial arts instructor and performer with 17 years of experience. She discovered her passion for aerial arts and flying trapeze while working as a Circus Activity Manager at Club Med, where she travelled to various locations including Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, as well as on an exclusive cruise ship sailing around the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Hsien Ming is fluent in Chinese, English, and a bit of French and has taught and performed in various countries such as Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. She specializes in aerial silks, aerial kite, lyra, aerial cube, Spanish web, dance trapeze, flying trapeze, and stilt walking.

In 2019, Hsien Ming founded and opened the first-ever Circus aerial arts school - CircusFit Shanghai, in downtown Shanghai.

In 2023, she is relocating the school to the south of France, Côte d'Azur-Fréjus and renaming it

"Shanghazur CircusFit" to launch a new concept of a circus aerial community.


She is currently employed at CIAM (Aix-en-Provence) as an artistic pedagogue.

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