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Students Feedback  

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The times spent at CircusFit are truly some of the best of my entire experience in Shanghai. It is rare to find a teacher as experienced, patient and dedicated to her students as Hsien Ming is, and I was lucky to have met her and been part of the community she created. in Shanghai. She not only gave me the opportunity to try something new, she also sparked in me a passion for all the aerial arts and it is thanks to her influence that I will soon begin to study them to the full. time !



I came to CircusFit after seeing one of Hsien Ming's students performing at the cabaret theater The Pearl.  I still remember watching aerial hoop performance thinking : "I would never be able to do anything like this ". And than I met Hsien Ming . Saying she is a good instructor is saying nothing.  I came with 0 experience with aerials, being unable to pull myself up and do even the easiest tricks. But I got so obsessed with lyra and Hsien Ming classes that I didn't care about pain and bruises to the extent when Hsien Ming was asking me to stop training.  I took many general classes but also a lot of private ones. Private classes did a thing as I improved so much faster and learned so many new tricks and details.  I was the worst at the beginning.  I still can't believe that thanks to Hsien Ming I was able to perform at The Pearl not only for the students showcase , but also for regular shows. The amount of help and support I got from Hsien Ming is limitless.  The most important I have got an amazing friend.  I was so happy to see Hsien Ming watching my performance for Alice in the Wonderland.  I can't even describe this feeling when your instructor is applauding you. It took my breath completely away . What I have learnt in CircusFit is my most exciting experience ever.  I love Hsien Ming wholeheartedly and will continue to support her whatever country she will be. She will always be my lyra queen , the only person I trust 1000%




I believe aerial performance is the perfect combination of the beauty of your body and power of your strength. But on the other hand, it’s also intimidating, i would never imagine myself climb 3 meters off the ground and having upside down and performing before I met Hsien Ming and started to took class with her.  Hsien Ming is really a great teacher, she is always watch us closely and giving us feedbacks about our training. She never gives us pressure, but let us build the confidence through practice with time. I can still remember the day I was able to climb up on the silk about 3 months after I start my weekly training with her. I was so thrilled and the sense of achievement is overwhelming. i still fell so happy when i try to remember that day. This training could be hard and frustrating, but the excitement is also there. The harder it is for you, the happier you felt when you achieve it. And with Hsien Ming’s help, I believe a lot of people can fell the same things as I did.  

Beside all the skills tricks I’ve learnt, I also meet a group of very attractive persons in this group. We encouraging each other all the time during the training session and support each other. It’s a group of people i can really rely on and they fell like a big family to me. i really enjoy the vibe when they are around. 

I think there are so many other things I could say about this group. i love every classes I spent with them. And a big thank you to my teacher Hsien Ming for all the things you have taught me. i fell really lucky to have met you and get to learn from you.

Karen Lo

Canada / HK

CircusFit was the first recreational circus school in Shanghai. I was already practicing silks on my own and was looking to expand my skills on other aerial equipments. Through CircusFit, I had the opportunity to try Aerial Straps, Lyra, Aerial Net, Dance Trapeze, Aerial Pole, and Aerial Kite.  Hsien Ming helped her students from all levels of fitness to achieve their aerial goals safely and efficiently. I am so proud to be part of the CircusFit community as a student and as an Aerial Silks instructor! CircusFit had helped a lot of our students discover their passion for aerial arts and because of that, CircusFit meant more than just another fitness class to a lot of us, it was our Circus Family!

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If you want to challenge yourself to do things you never thought you were capable of achieving, then try Hsien Ming's CircusFit classes! 

Hsien Ming is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who is able to modify moves in order to teach the pure beginner as well as the professional. Everyone can do circus! 

She understands body mechanics and is always aware of all risks so that you feel safe whether you are upside down, spinning or hanging from the top of a hoop.

If you want to have fun while getting stronger and more flexible then you should definitely try a class with CircusFit.  



The few years of practising aerial with Hsien Ming are precious and beautiful memories. I was terrified at the beginning, and I couldn't remember the order of the series, but Hsien Ming always demonstrated very patiently, answered my various questions, and encouraged me all the time. And Hsien Ming is really the teacher with the most precise thinking and the most meticulous teaching I have ever seen! With all kinds of strange little mistakes that novices will encounter, she can immediately find the crux of the problem, and quickly come up with a solution, which is simply amazing! Thank you very much for the wonderful meeting, cherish every day of practising and improving together, and hope that the teacher will continue to be smooth and beautiful in the future.




Learning aerial was a childhood dream for me, but it became so much more than that. Through learning aerial, Hsien Ming gave me a confidence I never thought possible. One of the most inspirational people I have ever met, Hsien Ming will break everything down into understandable, easy moves whilst also challenging you to always be the best version of yourself. Take one of her classes, you’ll find it’s not only highly addictive, but no doubt one of the best things you’ll ever do! 



I have been taking weekly semi-private classes with Hsien Ming and I absolutely love them! Hsien Ming is super versatile and I have so far trained with her aerial hoop, silk, straps and Spanish web. She is extremely good at breaking down skills and I feel safe attempting new skills if she’s there to spot me. When we do flows she is very attentive to details so I get clean and nice transitions. I have made a lot of progress in her classes and highly recommend to aerialists at all levels.

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When I moved to Shanghai I wanted to find an aerial class even though I had never done one before. That’s when I found CircusFit. After I had taken only a few classes a student showcase was announced and soon I went from a new student to a performer. It was a great experience and Circus Fit soon became my home away from home. Hsien Ming is the most amazing person.  She has so much patience, knowledge, and experience. I’m so glad that I found CircusFit. I had a great time, got super strong and made really great friends.



CircusFit is the best aerial silk school ever. No matter you are new or have a lot of experience at aerial. This will be the best place for you to learn and practice. Hsien ming is a perfressional teacher and she is patient to her students. Explain every pose in detail and make you easily understand.Fall in i love with aerial silk with circusFit. I have grow a lot and experience aerial silk preformence, this is a life time memory for me. Hope will have another chance to attend her class again.




I always thought aerial sports were too difficult for someone like me, especially following a shoulder surgery. Hsien Ming made learning this new sport approachable and doable. I joined her intensive eight-week course, and went from zero knowledge to performing a full-length routine at a big venue within weeks! I was so proud of myself and the quick progress I was able to make under her direction and support. She really knows what she’s doing, her classes are always fun and informative, and she was conscientious about my shoulder limitations and taught me safe tricks that I could do.


I’m so glad I joined Circus Fit, I only wish I had done it earlier!



I have been learning aerial hoop with Hsien Ming and her team for 2.5 years. From not even able to get up the hoop without help to being able to get up on with a proper straddle, thanks to HM’s patience (and encouragement) through my aerial journey. I am so happy to have encountered aerial sports through CircusFit. Sometimes I feel sad that I didn’t get chance to learn this even earlier!!





I took Hsien Ming's aerial silk course for 2 years when I was living in Shanghai; I was immediately impressed by her talent and rigour. A passionate, pedagogue, who prioritised student safety above all else; Hsien Ming made my progress step by step; allowing me to gain strength & confidence; until I was able to pull off tricks I never imagined possible. Highly recommend Hsien Ming's classes!

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I started learning aerial at her school at the age of 35 as I wasn’t able to go anywhere during the pandemic in Shanghai, and the classes turned out to have given me new energy and a new social circle even during tough times. Hsienming was such an inspiration and a great aerial circus instructor who really knows how to make beginners learn safely & get motivated❤️ thank you for everything! 

bulles roses


Netherlands & USA

Nina student July 2020-February 2022:

Having the opportunity to learn aerial has been such a great experience. Teacher Hsien Ming has been such a great teacher. She is always inspiring and motivating during classes and performances. Being able to have been part of her aerial classes and CircusFit has given me such joy and pleasure when learning something new and being able to be part of a community. I am so grateful to have had this experience. I will never forget this! Thank you so much Ms Hsien Ming!


Nina’s mom Lily:

With pleasure, our family has been part of the community of CircusFit in Shanghai founded by Hsien Ming. In July 2020 my daughter started to take classes in the Summer program. After Summer she continued classes on Sundays and during school holidays. Hsien offered safe and inspiring classes and encouraged students to do poses they thought impossible but under her leadership could do within hours. At the end of the school year, Hsien organized a showcase in a theatre which was great for the students to take agency in selecting poses, music and garments.




Special thanks to teacher Hsien Ming for bringing Olivia into the world of aerial performances. Teacher Hsien Ming is not only a seasoned and experienced performer, but also a very professional and responsible teacher, and an idol worshipped by Olivia. Olivia was once a shy, weak girl, but she showed unprecedented strength and confidence in satin. In the past, she couldn't even climb a rope and was afraid of pain. Now she can proudly show her muscle lines and take pride in the marks of training on her hands. Teacher Hsien Ming has won the trust of our whole family and is the best teacher we have ever met. Hope to meet again in the future. [love]

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