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Aerial Kite

We are excited to offer Aerial kite workshops and private lessons. The Aerial kite is an apparatus created by artist Chelsea O’Brian and engineer Sylvain Menard while she was at Ecole Nationale du Cirque.

The Aerial kite is a diamond-shaped structure with a crooked bar at the top and hooks on the sides for looping silks. The ends of the bar are connected to a short cloud swing, which completes the diamond shape. A performer can then attach an aerial silk to the center of the cloud swing and use the Aerial kite to perform a variety of aerial acrobatics and dance moves. 


We require students to have an intermediate level of proficiency in lyra and aerial silks. This prerequisite ensures that students have the strength, flexibility, and control necessary to safely and effectively learn the Aerial kite.

Aerial Kite

Only open for private lessons and workshops.

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